Do we Need Men? Or more precisely – Do women need to be married or live with someone to be happy?


Replying to @happyfatherandhusband Just a few decades ago men would refer to their wives as the “Ball and chain” and talk about women “trapping them” into marriage. Now that we’ve realized what an absolute scam marriage is for women, they’re begging us to marry and telling stories about how we’ll get companionship and help with the common work in the marriage – like literally lying to our faces! As if we don’t know what the reality is like. Hilarious. #staysingle #staysinglestayhappy #ballandchain #divorcedmen #datingover50 #datingyoungermen #datingolderwomen #cougarsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Laura Byrnes

I’m sharing this TikTok video by Laura Byrnes that a dear friend shared with me. (In case the link scrolls to her other videos – its the one captioned “@replying to happy father and husband.”) It’s provocative. Not sure men will appreciate it much. But it’s gotten 800k views and 200k likes, so I think she’s hit on something. Let’s discuss and explore together. Start a conversation below!

I’m a divorced, single women in midlife. I’ve worked so hard for my independence and the life I have built. I have, though, been struggling with the questions Laura raises as I’ve been dating.

Much dating advice, I have found, starts with the premise that the one thing missing in my life is someone to wake up to every morning. Am I missing that — every morning? Or, the dating advisors tell me: What I really need/want is someone to treat me like a queen, translate — to take care of me. Do I really?

Sure i want love and companionship — very much actually. Hell, I even wrote and published a romance series “A Midlife Romance” about a couple in midlife — the relatable part of the book is how complicated midlife romance is, but it has a happy ending (as required in the genre LOL). In my own life, romantic relationships often seem to come at the expense of independence, self-care, my own needs. Am I missing something that I need to know? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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